A foldable that can be used to show how a character changes from the beginning to end of the story. This is the idea that I got published.
Example of a quick assessment for inferring.
Engage all students with these text feature pinch cards. Great for every pupil responses.
Great for independent reading... a student stays on GO and moves to STOP if they get confused. If they move it back to GO you know that they used a fix it up strategy to monitor their comprehension (conference with them about this). If they remain on STOP help them.
Every Pupil Response for SR questions.
Use Post-it notes as Apps. Have students see how many apps. they can add while reading. Apps can be (questions, interesting ideas,iInferences, connections, etc.)

This can be used as a pinch card when discussing mood. Just make sure the piece you choose contains a mood on the spinner.

Reading Lady Resources This site provides a variety of resources for all grade levels. It is the site for the book, Mosaic of Thought Check it out!

The Library of Congress is full of resources for teachers. The site also has a tutorial that shows you all they have to offer.