Below are some websites that provide free audio stories that you might be able to use for the listening aspect of the Daily 5.

Caution: Preview each site and story before using it!
Note: Many of the Read to Self activities can also be used for Listen to Reading.


Note: Stories are read with a British accent and words are spelled as they are in England. Also, many stories contain different vocabulary then we use (example: trolley for shopping cart).

Story Home Note: These are not animated.
Storyline Note: Stories are read by famous people.Book Pop Note: Students will have to click the listen tab for the story to be read aloud. They will also need to click next page when they are ready to move on. Check out the free trial! Interactive Disney books. It does not look like the students will be able to view the story online while listening. Nonfiction audio books that can also be downloaded and printed for free. These are seperated by grade level and are science related. podcasts of children's books. Students will see the pictures, words, and be able to listen as the story is read aloud.

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