Choice Boards
- Give students choice within a certain learning goal.
- Outline a variety of instructional options within a certain learning goal.
- The teacher directs the process.
- Great way to incorporate multiple intelligences.

Tiered Assignments
- Perfect for mixed ability classrooms.
- Students learn the same objective and content, but they process the information and gain understanding at their ability level.

Anchor Activities
- Ongoing assisgments that students can work on independently throughout a certain time period (choice boards and the Daily 5 are great anchor activities)
- Provide meaningful work for students when they are finished an assignment.
- Frees the teacher up to work with small groups or individuals without interruptions.

- A strategy that enables students to consider concepts from a variety of perspectives.
- Can be completed independently or in small groups.
- Nonthreatening for students.

- Students construct meaning about a concept after a unit has been taught.
- Uses Bloom's Taxonomy.

- Strategy that uses Sternberg's three intelligences: creative, practical, and analytical.
-Assignments are centered around the same learning goal but are designed for a specific intelligence.
- Students have more then one intelligence. This activity can help strengthed intelligences that aren't their dominate one.
- Students work in groups or independently to solve one activity from each of the three intelligences.

Probing Questions
- These are some questions to get you thinking about how differentiation worked within your lesson. They may help you think about how to further benefit your students as well as help you plan for the next lesson.