In Prek...
-We explored our color words using finger painting and a song.
-We explored our senses by creating sound stories.
-We explored the idea of beginning, middle, and end through a read aloud.
-We integrated math (number identification) and reading (sequencing) with The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
-We used a song to inspire us to write.
-We used a puppet to inspire us to write.
-We used our names to review syllables and explore rhythm.
In Kindergarten...
-We connected to a read aloud on feelings by using drama and printing.
-We wrote creative stories after being inspired by a puppet.
-We learned how to give LRPs.
-We used our names to review syllables and explore rhythm.
In 1st grade...
-We reviewed our vowel sounds using movement.
-We learned how to give LRPs.
-We learned how we could extend learning with our small groups.
-We learned about inferring through pictures.
-We learned about summarizing through drama.
-We were motivated to read after creating a sound story.
-We used art to help us write a creative story.
-We used our knowledge of fractions to write a poem.
In 2nd grade...
-We learned about inferring through art.
-We learned about story elements by creating visuals to use as a reference.
-We learned about Tangrams and how they were used to tell stories as an extension to our story, Chinatown.
-We learned how illustrations can help us understand a story.
-We looked at ways to incorporate more nonfiction into our instruction.
In 3rd grade...
-We learned about the Constitution.
-We introduced free form poetry using a sensory experience and mystery bags.
-We though critically about how we score BCRs.
In 4th grade...
-We are trying the hot spot strategy to help us identify main idea.
-We explored thick versus thin questions with our story discussions.
In 5th grade...
-We reviewed text features and discussed how they help us understand what we read.
-We reviewed text organization and identified how different articles are organized.
-We reviewed reading concepts by geo-caching.
In all grades...
-We learned how to incorporate classroom libraries into the reading block.
-We learned about clipboard cruising as a pre-assessment.
-We learned about the hot spot strategy.
-We explored ways to set up our classroom libraries.
-We explored ways to conference with our students about what they read.
-We reviewed the fundamentals of BCRs with our assistants.
-We learned about choice boards and how they help us differentiate.
-We learned about tiered graphic organizers and how to incorporate them into a reading lesson.
-We learned about the four corners pre- assessment.
-We learned how to use visuals to show flex grouping.