In Pre-k...
- We used a song and a story that the kindergarten class wrote to explore characters.

In Kindergarten...
- We used literature to work on our smartgoal of rhyming and review letter identification!!
-We used Vincent van Gogh's A Starry Night as a setting and created a story for the setting.

In 1st grade...
- We used our knowledge of letter sounds to sort words.
- We learned about the White House Pets while practicing main idea.
- We reviewed Main Idea while reading about Animal Eyes.
- We learned a visual aid to help us remember the story elements.
- We discussed the importance of an organized library and used our sorting skills to create a student friendly classroom library.
-we compared two versions of the same fairy tale while reviewing story elements.
- We "read" a painting and wrote the story behind it.
- We rotated groups as a creative way to review what we have been learning (character traits, comparing sounds, decoding words, reading sight words, sorting words, deciding what the text is about, and identifying similarities and differences)
- We compared and contrasted two versions of the same story.
- We used words sorts to review phonics, used storyboards to provide background information, and learned about Johnny Appleseed.
- We monitored our own reading by using stop and go signs.
- We discussed the difference between physical traits and personality traits and used our knowledge to revise a story.

In 2nd grade...
- We explored the idea of illustrations helping us grasp the author's meaning.
- We rotated groups to explore different ways of finding the problem and solution of a story.
- We used headings to help us figure out the main idea of a passage and to write a summary.
- We took pieces of a story and deleted or added information to create a well written story that flowed.

In 3rd grade...
- We explored test specific vocabulary words using the EBeam.
- We analyzed the problem in a story to figure out which was the main problem. We also discussed different solutions to the main problem.
- We explored the concept of mood by studying art.
- We expanding our study of mood by relating what we learned to poetry.
- We learned about test taking strategies.
- We experimented with visual strategies to help us become better writers and storytellers (Title 1).

In 4th grade...
- We connected headings and main ideas while reviewing colonial life.
-We learned how the pictures and captions can help us comprehend what we read about Space Junk.
-We explored how the pictures as well as the words can assist us with making inferences and predictions.
- We studied the effect that "static" and "channel switching" has on visualizing and comprehending stories that we read.
- We learned about the Inauguration firsts and reviewed how to create a timeline.
- We learned a strategy to help us summarize long pieces of text.
- We learned the importance of focusing on what the question is asking you.
- We experimented with writing fluency to see if it helped us become better writers.

In all grades...
- We explored the idea of connecting math and literature.
- We reviewed data and planned for remediation and enrichment groups as needed.